I hadn’t planned on joining Twitter, despite all the, uh, twittering about it. (Sidebar: I really appreciate how its name and function are so well matched. I don’t think all products should be named for their function (especially not junk food since that would put a real damper on my commitment to it), but this is a good example of a clearly understood and branded concept.) My generation’s loose relationship with privacy often makes me squeamish. For example, since most of my friends are at the childbearing age, it has become ‘acceptable’ to broadcast the dilation of one’s cervix during labor in an effort to keep everyone (world wide!) abreast of the progress. No. Please, just….no. I’m not Victorian when it comes to privacy, but things that take place south of the belly button and north of the hem of your shorts are not for your uncle, high school crush, and acquaintance’s acquaintance to know about.

I digress. Facebook is sketchy enough, and it seemed presumptuous of me to decide that MORE of me and my doings and opinions were necessary for broadcasting. However, I understand that the workforce is changing and methods of hiring are changing, and the center of said change is networking (cue jazz hands). My friend and professional sherpa, Jesse Rosten, convinced me that tweeting would help me make professional connections that would counterbalance the  ‘weirdsies’ it gave me. So, I tweet. I chose a Mark Twain reference for my handle, one that I read on a bulletin board in the literature department building at my university a few million years ago : “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug.” The absolute wisdom of that statement has stayed with me ever since and I do my best to employ it as a guide for my writing. Having a teething babe limits my ability to troll the Web waters for writer-ish things to tweet about, but hopefully I’ll find the niches soon.

Feel free to follow me at http://twitter.com/#!/lightningvsbug/.