JState rope

When Tyler asked if I wanted to do a script for a Cross Fit gym, I was skeptical at first. It wasn’t exactly my crowd at the time, and I wasn’t sure I could get much artistry out of WODs and kettle bell swings, which I maintain are super awkward looking. Also, being a peace-and-love-type, I don’t resonate with traditional warrior imagery, so I went at it from a different angle. Tyler is hardly a ‘bro’, so I knew it wasn’t going to be anything shallow, and he was on the same wavelength as me about moving beyond the usual competitive ‘we work out and are better than you’ thing. We landed on something akin to ‘warriors come in many forms’. I think farmers and social workers are warriors by the definition in this script, and having since gotten to know many of the athletes at Jefferson State Crossfit, I’m glad to know I was right about them.

Negotin You can watch Tyler’s ‘Warriors’ spot here.