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Everything is curved- walls meet in curves instead of corners and the ceiling curves up into itself, all according to Garrison’s masterful distribution of sound. The room is tastefully lush, with rich red rugs and a glossy black grand piano waiting patiently to be played.

Everything about the building strikes an impressive balance between chic sophistication and earthy authenticity. Outside, a raucous fig tree spirals out of the center of the terrace, where guests and birds can enjoy its fruits.

This isn’t the clichéd, ‘old money’ philanthropic club: the Fund makes every effort to be as inclusive as possible in order to encourage more giving.

The real testament to the success of the program may have more to do with a film reel than a lap pool: several former swimmers have taken the initiative to produce a fundraiser for their beloved team.

I have to read it out loud with my iphone’s stopwatch running to make sure I’m not trying to cram too much into 30 seconds. Writers: we like words.