Frequent collaborator Jesse Rosten laid down the law with some spots for a local firm earlier this year. And last year? 2012 has been so nutty, I have no idea when I wrote these. Reiner, Simpson, Slaughter & Wood, LLP is a practice of personal injury attorneys who handle cases in Redding, Anderson, Red Bluff, Chico, and Mt. Shasta, California. I highly recommend their conference room for its lovely views of the Sacramento River. These spots involved some research into the cases, which was accompanied by my developing phobias of small magnets, tires, logs, other people, and, not to be a fear monger, but YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID!!!! RSSW is a great local business because they walk the talk: when they say they hate handling cases of an injured child, they mean it and they pass out free car seats to lower their chances of getting those cases. As someone who has purchased three car seats in two years, I can attest that they’re not cheap. I’m glad this firm is contributing to the safety of their community. Anyway, Jesse and I wanted to be sure we represented RSSW and their clients as accurately as possible, as the personal injury lawyer/victim world so often gets skeezy. These people are legit and I think the spots turned out great. My tire, son, and hands are even in one, so yeah: I’m multi-talented.