This was made in collaboration with my go-to director buddy, Jesse Rosten, and graphic designer buddy, Matt Briner. These two creative goons each make excellent project managers, too. 

Rohner was great to work with because they had a clear but not over-defined idea of what they wanted, and they wanted something fun. The only thing that would have made this project more fun to work on was if they’d flown us to Switzerland to do some firsthand research. (Next time, right? Ahhh… Interlaken….) Speaking of research- there was a fair amount of it, since they wanted it to be very much about Switzerland. I relish research (I don’t know many writers who don’t, since all writers are ardent readers) and the Rohner company was a rewarding one to learn about because they’re so committed to quality and sustainability. I love the way it turned out, and after all the times I’ve watched it I just now noticed that the mountain goat is wearing a Rohner sock. Well done, Jesse and Matt. Thanks to Rohner for the great assignment.