Filmmaker Tyler Faires commissioned the script for this spot for the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Tour, which is this nifty stretch of far northern California and southern Oregon where you can take gorgeous drives in between volcanos. Tyler almost always comes to me with an idea- in this case it was a dad helping his kid take the standard ‘volcano’ school project to the next level. I loved the idea, because here in the NorCal foothills, when your teacher says ‘volcano’, you’re less than a day away from actually getting your hands on one. It’s completely plausible for a parent to embrace such an assignment this way, so the VLSB pretty much sold itself. The challenge with this script was selecting one or two things for each location, when they all have a ton to offer, and also differentiating them enough. I also had to use geological terminology in a familiar way, so… apologies to Lassen Park’s bubbling mudpots and smoking fumaroles and to the Bumpass Hell Trail, because those suckers do NOT work in a script. Kudos to Garret, the VO/actor, for finding a warm, relatable way to say odd things like ‘liquid hot magma.’ If you’re ever tempted to see some unspoiled volcanic beauty, which, let’s face it, everyone is at some point in their life, you really should explore the VLSB.