SCED Success Stories

Berber Superior California Economic Development approached me with a common problem: they are great at what they do, but not enough people knew that. SCED provides commercial real estate loans and refinancing, business loans, and economic development planning. They had a long list of successes and happy customers, and needed a way to capitalize on it, both for the peace of mind of their board and for the recruitment of future happy customers. I was brought in to write the success stories – meeting with the past clients and distilling their often long roads to business success into a succinct account of how SCED helped them turn a crucial corner. The business owners I’ve interviewed and written about cover a broad range of services, personalities, and paths to success; some of the interviews were so easy the story wrote itself, others took a lot of maneuvering. Interviews aren’t a tool I have to use often, so it was definitely a bonus that Ryan’s SCED team would assign me one every few months: it kept me on my toes. Some of the Success Stories on the SCED site were pre-me, so I’ve linked the ones I wrote.

Juli Martin Success Story

Know Opportunity Success Story

Everything Medical Success Story

Action Sports Rentals Success Story

Premier Oil Change Success Story

Boundary Waters Success Story

Caterpillar Campus Success Story

Taylor Made Landscaping Success Story