Good News Rescue Mission Capital Campaign Film

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The Good News Rescue Mission needed a video for a capital campaign, one that would encompass what their visitors bring with them to the mission, and what’s possible for their futures. They came up with a fictional character and story that reflected a lot of what they see, and I cleaned up the story considerably, and worked with Tyler Faires to strike the right balances. No one wanted fluff. We didn’t want empty promises, or to shy away from peoples’ realities and struggles, but it needed to communicate Kendra’s hope and resolve, too. Once we had the script where we wanted it, Tyler decided I should do the VO work, too, and when the campaign was used in TV and radio spots I had a friend text me, “hey is your name Kendra? if so, I’d like to help you with your drug problem.” All jokes aside, over 630 women find shelter at the Good News Rescue Mission each year. For many, this is the first step toward breaking the cycle of poverty. Tyler did his usual excellent work here, and the film rightfully earned an award in its industry. We adapted shorter versions for TV and radio and it was used on billboards around the city.