MD Imaging: Defining Moments

MD Imaging’s 2013 ‘Defining Moments’ campaign was a yearlong project that required a tagline, headlines for print ads, copy for print ads, and scripts for :30 and :60 spots on tv and radio. The client, an outpatient diagnostic radiology facility, needed to communicate their medical and technological expertise while also making it about the patient’s humanity.

Part of the challenge with the tagline and throughout the campaign was that so much surrounding radiology is uncertainty: is the mass malignant? what’s the deal with these dizzy spells? are my CT numbers up or down? Compounding the challenge, radiology isn’t necessarily treatment, so we couldn’t take an angle of fixing all the problems, just finding and diagnosing them. I came up with ‘Defining What’s Next’ as the tagline as a way to bring some certainty into it and reduce the fear factor, while also speaking to MD Imaging’s position at the forefront of their field.

There were 6 modalities to advertise, and the concept was to tell a patient’s story to go with each modality. I researched PET scans, CT scans, mammography, varicose veins, and more, and enjoyed creating characters and figuring out how they’d find themselves in a radiologist’s office. Blending the human element with the technical element was a challenge; it was also tricky to walk the line between “Well, Grandma has a brain tumor” and “It’ll be fine! Love us and choose us!” Plus, fitting a complete story (introduce character, introduce conflict, solve conflict) and a marketing angle (“state of the art technology and more physicians choose us”) into :30 while including enormous terms like “vascular and interventional radiology” was, to say the least, not for the faint of skill.

This campaign was a great exercise in balancing technical and heartfelt themes, and provided valuable experience in working in a team. The design was accomplished by Matt Briner, and Tyler Faires did the film work.

nonprescription cytotec TV spots:

Print ads were snapshot versions of the video stories. Each ‘defining moment’ had its own sub-tagline (in addition to ‘Defining What’s Next’), and content had to be adjusted for space constraints and for the difference between hearing and seeing a word.