TEDxRedding Manifesto

Luang Prabang The fine folk behind TEDx Redding wanted to put out a manifesto to help the community understand why they were producing salons and speaking events. They tapped Matt Briner for the design and yours truly for the words, and it came together wonderfully. This is a favorite of mine, but you may have to be a Reddingite or at least familiar with Redding, CA to truly understand it. (Some context: Redding is the home of a famous bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava, built in 2004, and until that time, didn’t have many claims to fame. It also struggles with low self-esteem.)

We believe Redding is more than just a bridge, and that innovation doesn’t have to be imported. We seek to be challenged by ideas. We are fueled by curiosity. We trace the path from idea to conversation to endeavor. Where others kick the can, we shake it and open it. The standard silos of life and work are only a footnote in our story. We want to be stretched and to grow. We know that Redding’s best days lie ahead, visible to the naked eye.