Redd Sun Festival

Nāgamangala 2 days, 2 genres, 10,000 fans (ideally). The Redd Sun Festival was the first major musical festival in Redding, and was putting a day of rock and a day of country on its outdoor stage. Festival marketing materials had to get the okay from all eight acts and be adoptable by radio partners, all while selling the market on something not necessarily new, but new to their area. (Redding is the only major city between Sacramento and Medford. The largely-rural market is underserved for things like music festivals.) I needed to write radio ads, social media, web content, press releases, and sponsor solicitation materials. Both press releases were picked up by the region’s largest outlets: the announcement was the top story on the front page. The amazing Katie Miller did all the graphics and provided pieces of the web content – she wrote some of the placeholder text and then I would edit/embellish/revise as needed. None of the eight acts had any edits to our design or content, thankyouverymuch. Much of the web content – FAQ’s, What To Expect, etc – was removed after the festival, but you can get a sense of the communication lift from the festival’s social profiles and press: